Friday, June 30th at 9:30pm

Lake Cadillac Shoreline at the City Boat Dock


The Fire On Water Military Tribute, takes place on the shoreline of Lake Cadillac between the Rotary Pavilion and City Boat Launch. The Cadillac Area Honor Guard presents our colors, readings for all three bonfires, Taps Bugle and thoughfulness.   Bonfire #1 is set ablaze in tribute to our Past Military, Bonfire #2 is set ablaze in tribute to our Current Military, and Bonfire #3 is set ablaze for peace in the future. This is a peaceful military tribute, please keep children quiet, reduce adult conversation and allow our veterans and current serving best view and seating. Lawn chairs are highly encouraged.


*This event was established in 2011 by Mrs. Joy Liptak VanDrie, in tribute to our military who we often forget have given us the freedom to celebrate on Independence Day.  Our gratitude to Cadillac Fabrication, AAR Mobility, the Cadillac Area Honor Guard and friends for helping bring her dream to life.